Jul 14, 2008

Giancarlo De Cataldo & Camilla Trinchieri in Rome

Giancarlo De Cataldo & Camilla Trinchieri in Rome

Jul 13, 2008

Categories for Camilla Trinchieri's Il prezzo del silenzio

Camilla Trinchieri's The Price of Silence, and its Italian translation, Il prezzo del silenzio get categorized in a variety of ways. Knowing that it doesn't fit neatly, and solely, in one kind of literary category is valuable if you're searching for reviews on the internet, or looking for a copy of the book in a store.

The Price of Silence has been categorized in these ways:
psychological thriller, mystery, murder, literary, literature, suspense

Il prezzo del silenzio has been categorized as:
romanzo, romanzi stranieri, romanzi contemporanei, narrativa straniera, narrativa contemporanea, giallo (gialli), letteratura straniera, letteratura statunitense, romanzo giallo

Jul 8, 2008

Publicity Comes in Surprising Ways

In researching reviews of Camilla Trinchieri's books in English and Italian, one story kept surfacing, over and over and over: the story about an overdue library book, Camilla Trinchieri's The Price of Silence. The woman who borrowed the book was an avid reader, and died with the book still in her possession. When the book was returned overdue, the library apparently insisted that the 50 cent charge be paid.

This story has resurfaced in blog after blog in multiple languages. Can you believe how many!

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AOL India News

Jul 7, 2008

Mangialibri Interview with Camilla Trinchieri Translated

Here is the English translation of the Mangialibri interview with Camilla Trinchieri that was posted earlier in this blog.

Interview with Camilla Trinchieri by David Frati of Mangialibri

I:A wound, something painful, is hidden behind the story you tell in The Price of Silence. Maybe more than one. Which one do you identify with—the wound coming from An-Ling’s childhood or the one Emma, the protagonist, bears as a mother filled with guilt?

C:My wound is more like An-ling’s, than Emma’s. I too didn’t have a mother. That’s my starting point, even for the lighter stories, the ones you can leave on a seat at the airport. I decided to start writing January 1st, 1986 .I remember that I came home with an idea in my head and I told my husband, “Do you mind if tonight you make dinner?” I wanted to write the story of my mother, but I needed to do a lot of research. I was born in Prague and it was still communist then. To obtain a visa took at least eight months. I would have had to wait without writing, but friends dissuaded me [from stopping] and I decided to write other stories in the meantime. I was working in an advertising agency at the time and my boss refused to give me a raise. I decided to write a novel in which he was murdered. That was the beginning of seven mysteries starring Simona Griffo, an Italian (the reviewer says Italian-American but he’s wrong), who loves art and cooking. They were published under the pseudonym of Camilla Crespi. At a certain point I said stop and decided to use my real name for this story, which isn’t autobiographical.

I: The novel has been translated from English into Italian, a language that you speak and write. What effect did it have on you to be translated in a language that you understand so well? It’s not something that happens everyday to a writer…

C: Having Erika Bianchi translate me into Italian was an incredible joy. I felt myself Italian and American at the same time; I felt whole. It was such a natural process that at a certain point I began to think that the book had even been thought in Italian. Only a few times did I have difficulties understanding a few convoluted passages, but then the original English would disappear and I found myself reading my book. It felt as if the translator no longer existed, that I had done everything.

I: Do you define The Price of Silence a legal thriller? What role does the trial have in your novel?

C: The trial wasn’t in the first draft. I thought of including it to help guide me through the story, but I asked myself: what do I know about trails? It just so happened that I was chosen to be part of a jury in a real trial, and seeing how the American judicial system worked ‘from the inside’ helped me pull it off. It wasn’t a murder trial, however. A guy had stolen $70,000 dollars from his sister.

I: What writers do you look to as reference points?

C: Henry James more than anyone else, even though when I first read him I found his spiraling narration heavy-going. Only when I started writing did I understand that he only hints at things. He never describes a situation openly. He circles around facts; he doesn’t reveal them. For my formation as a reader and a writer, Agatha Christie and all the mystery classics were also very important.

[David Frati-translated by Camilla Trinchieri]

Jul 6, 2008

Reviews - The Price of Silence "Engrossing and Fascinating"

"Anyone interested in a story that places heavy emphasis on the complexity of human personality will find this to be an engrossing and fascinating tale. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

- John A Broussard

From I Love A Mystery Newsletter June 2008

Jul 1, 2008


Ghigliottina's Matteo Chiavarone gave a strongly positive review of Camilla Trinchieri's Italian translation of The Price of Silence, Il prezzo del silenzio, in the June 30th edition (ANNO II Num. 26-27 del 30 Giugno 2008).

Quoted in Italian from the page long review:

"Un libro che ti costringe ad andare avanti, ti coinvolge. Una prova di valore a cui bisogna dare merito a lei, che si farà sicuramente conoscere, e alla casa editrice che ha creduto fortemente in lei. "

English translation:

"A book that forces you to keep going, that involves you.
A worthy effort for which we must give praise both to her [the author], who will surely make herself known, and to the publishing house who strongly believed in her."