Nov 11, 2008

Curled Up.Com Praises The Price of Silence

Elizabeth Schulenberg reviewed Camilla Trinchieri's The Price of Silence psychological thriller on Curled

To begin her review, Schulenberg quotes from The Price of Silence:

“Our lives are like anyone else’s, I have to believe. A simple gathering of facts, of sad little coincidences, with no discernable pattern. Random twists of direction are all anyone can expect, twists that can turn into tragedy and overwhelm you, against which we have tried to defend ourselves by burying them in the basement of our souls, by building a wall of silence to lean on.”

In the middle of the review, Schulenberg talks about how The Price of Silence is written:

"In her first novel written under her own name (previous novels had been published as Camilla Crespi), Trinchieri gives readers a fascinating legal thriller as well as a heartbreaking family novel. She alternates nearly news-report-like descriptions of the trial with sections of the memories, thoughts, and feelings of her main characters. By revealing the events of the story little by little, she increases the suspense, keeping the reader glued to the page, unable to put the book down."

The review ends with this endorsement:

"The Price of Silence is an excellent novel, full of excitement and emotion. Fans of the legal thriller, as well as those who love family drama, will enjoy this great read. I highly recommend it, and look forward to reading more by this author in the future."

Elizabeth summarizes the story in her own words. Read the full review.