Apr 28, 2009

The Best News Ever: Finding Alice has a Publisher in Italy

Camilla writes, while in Florence, Italy:

Claudia Tarolo, the publisher of MarcosyMarcos, the company that published The Price of Silence in Italian, came down from Milan.

We sat at the caffe’ in the bookstore Edison, with Piazza della Repubblica spread out below us and for five hours went over the almost complete manuscript of Finding Alice, the novel I have been working on and off since 1986, the novel of the heart, the novel that started me writing.

It’s a deal.

She wants to publish it.

Claudia will go over the final revisions, perhaps ask for some changes, and then we drop it in Erika’s capable lap to turn it into beautiful Italian.

The book will come out in Italy in November. Hurray!

Erika snapped me and Claudia just after Claudia gave me the good news. The photo is out of focus. It was an emotional moment for Erika too."