May 2, 2009

Teaching in Florence: The Picture that Nearly Was

Camilla writes:

"I hope there will be another teaching gig, although it will depend on enrollment.

With the economic crisis, it’s probable that fewer students will go abroad. This time I had twenty students, men and women from PennState, UConn and Roger Williams. Only one student was an English major, but they all listened or pretended to, even though they yawned a lot. It was hard to compete with the partying of the night before, but when it came time to write, they all did what I can assume was their best.

What I enjoyed most about this group was hearing how much they were enjoying the experience of being in Florence and going off to other cities in Europe on the long weekends.

For the last class I had brought my camera. I wanted a picture of all of them, but then with handing out papers, saying goodbye, I forgot. It’s too bad. They were a nice looking group."