Jun 30, 2009

The Literary Festival of Sardegna Invites Camilla Trinchieri

Camilla Trinchieri, who has crossed cultures in so many ways, is now getting invited to literary events in Italy. She's been invited to Sardegna for the July 3-5 Literary Festival! What fun!
Camilla's highly praised psychological thriller, The Price of Silence was translated into Italian as Il prezzo del silenzio. Now, her biographical fiction novel about an American in Europe in WWII, Finding Alice, is getting published first in Italian, then, hopefully soon, in English.
Camilla's mother was American. Her father, Italian. Camilla spent time in the United States, Italy and other European countries growing up. After university in the United States, she returned to live and work in Italy for years. Later in life she moved to New York, where she'd gone to university, and in time became an American citizen.
With her writing career now spanning both continents of her life, her family and her homelands, she says she now feels whole.