Jan 10, 2010

Nina Sankovitch Read All Day Blogger Reviews The Price of Silence

Just as Cercando Alice is readied to fill bookstores in Italy, a fresh and insightful review of The Price of Silence comes out!

Nina Sankovitch wrote a review in her blog "Real All Day. " The review is beautifully written and substantive. Here's one of the sentences in which she describes the book:

"Using shifting narratives and places in time, Trinchieri has created a powerful, serious, and visceral exploration of what happens when good intentions go terribly awry, when guilt overcomes reason, and when the blank spaces left by silence fill up with supposition and suspicion."

Of Camilla Trinchieri, the author of The Price of Silence, Ms. Sankovitch writes this:

"Trinchieri is a fearless and honest writer. She has created in The Price of Silence the unique combination of a heartfelt thriller and a gripping morality play of very human proportions."

Delighted to quote from your review Nina.

Nina put Camilla's novel among the Best Books, her favourite - just below Paul Auster's Invisible.

"Brava Camilla!

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