Mar 6, 2009

"Finding Alice" is Finding A Way

Camilla Trinchieri writes about her manuscript Finding Alice, truly a labor of devotion:

The main reason for my long silence [on the blog] is that I’ve been stretching myself to the hilt to reach for intelligent sentences of my own. [referencing Obama's intelligence in a previous post]

At the suggestion of my Italian publisher, Marcos y Marcos, I’m rewriting one of the two voices in my new novel, Finding Alice, a story I sat down to write for the first time on January 1, 1986. It then became my thesis at the MFA program at Columbia.

Finding Alice is a story that has possessed me, the story that got me to sit down and write.

I’m probably working on the 30th draft.

Each one has gotten better because through the years what began as a personal story, meaningful perhaps only to me, found its own voice, its own reason for being.

The changes the Italian publisher suggested (how lucky that she cared enough to edit me) are right on. “Why didn’t I think of them?” I immediately asked myself. A dumb question I think every writer has asked at one point or another.