Mar 16, 2009

Il Prezzo di Silenzio is Still Getting Airtime in Italy

The trip to Palermo, Italy was gorgeous Camilla Trinchieri and her translator Erika Bianchi wrote! Take a look at these pictures on Picasa Web. Book reading and signing, radio interview, 2 TV interviews, meals, talks and long walks.

Camilla Trinchieri with Cinzia Gizzi a Sicilian DJ, radio announcer, and Erika Bianchi in the TV studio.

Here's another picture of "Il Capo" the famous Palermitan market. Camilla and Erika stand in front of rows of vegetable stands.

In a quick note from Camilla she writes,

"Palermo was glorious, brilliant with sun and the welcome of the bookstore owners and employees. I did a radio interview and two TV interviews as you will see from the photos. You will also see how beautiful the city is.

Ciao for now.

a smiling Camilla who ate the most delicious pasta with eggplant and ricotta which I will try to make.

Looks like another recipe is on its way.