Jun 18, 2008

GRAZIA Magazine: Book Review

Camilla Trinchieri at NewMonde Chinese restaurant in Cary, North Carolina

The GRAZIA magazine Il prezzo del silenzio review was published with the photo above. The magazine isn't available on the internet to link to, so we've translated the review.

Blog writer comment: If there's a category for 'haiku' book reviews, this one would be a close candidate! Part of it is the Italian phrasing, which makes for swift reading in Italian, and a little abruptness in English. It's like translating from Chinese. Same thing. Abrupt, but the short phrases are so readily absorbed... except, perhaps the last line. And what do you make of the second to the last line! Is that a friendly "clearly written by a woman," or a less-than-friendly "clearly written by a woman?" It's a woman's magazine, does that help us know?

The GRAZIA Magazine review of Il prezzo del silenzio, translated into English:

Emma, a welcoming woman, teaches English to immigrants and opens the door of her home to An-ling, inviting her to stay with her family: husband and son. But the young Chinese woman dies and Emma is put on trial for her murder.

An-ling, the mysterious woman, has knocked down the wall of silence, but the truth has crushed her and the family. A novel clearly written by a woman. Background of denunciation.