Jun 18, 2008

Italian Radio 3 Fahrenheit! June 25 4PM - 5:20

(Imaged aggregated by A. McGaha, using 2 Radiotre Fahrenheit logos, combined with created text image of interview details.)

The Italian Radio 3 program, FAHRENHEIT, will be interviewing author Camilla Trinchieri one week from today, Wednesday June 25, between 4 and 5:20 pm in Rome, Italy. (So far we haven't seen this information posted on the Website.)

For those who didn't know, Fahrenheit is considered, the best, most serious, most intellectual, most followed, most famous, most reliable and most trusted radio program about books in Italy. When the anchorman, Marino Sinibaldi, recommends a book, people listen!

We're hoping the recording, for those of you who can understand Italian, will be posted on the Fahrenheit site http://www.radio.rai.it/RADIO3/FAHRENHEIT/index.cfm.

Maybe we'll be able to hear the interview live from remote locations. The station has online listening; frequencies all over Italy; and both webcam and podcasts. We'll have to see what's available that day for Fahrenheit. Listen online. If in Italy, here are the station frequencies by city. Radio 3 Webcam.

Radiotre FAHRENHEIT interview with Camilla Trinchieri
Wednesday June 25, 4- 5:20 PM, Rome, Italy